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Why You Need Link Management

Chances are, your website is chock-full of links. But have you considered why those links are necessary? 

Links on web pages help you build exposure, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site. More links equate to more search traffic for businesses, leading to more customers. 

Many business owners tend to insert links and forget about them, but this isn’t doing you any favors. Links connect your business to the online world. You probably don’t realize how many links you create, send and share on a day-to-day basis. 

Lucky for you, link management is a way to generate, organize, share, and track links to help boost conversions. In other words, it gives you complete control over the links your business shares. 

You can ensure your links are owned and controlled by your business with a link management tool.

Learn more about link management and why it’s crucial for your business here. 

What Is Link Management?

Today, having a link management platform matters. It’s becoming increasingly competitive in a fragmented digital media landscape to attract customer attention. 

Link management gives you the ability to brand, edit, organize and shorten links you share with complete control and oversight – no matter how small or large your business is. 

A link management app, like Urlmonks, offers an easy way to create custom, branded links that can be organized and viewed on a single dashboard. 

By optimizing links across all forms of digital media marketing – social media, email, SMS, websites, DMPS –, you can create personalized content, precision targeting, and save valuable time.

Better yet, if you can create, measure, and organize all your links in one place, you can see the customer experience in real-time and take advantage of every customer touchpoint. 

Why Is Link Management Important?

As you already know, links are essential to SEO as they connect your brand to the online world. Link building helps build trust and increase reputation, bringing repeat traffic and business to your website. 

That’s why it’s essential to put your brand on your links using a custom short domain. Your links should reflect your brand and be memorable in the eyes of your target audience. 

You want people to remember your business, so they can easily search for you when they want to use your service or purchase your products. 

A link management tool can contribute to growing your online presence. Having all your links – external and internal – in a unified dashboard makes it easier to drive traffic to your website. But it’s not the only benefit.

Here are some of the best reasons why managing links can be advantageous for your business. 

Workflow Efficiency

Link management software compiles all your links onto one database. This helps you know exactly where and when your potential customers are clicking onto your links and interacting with your business’ website and social media channels. 

But how does this improve workflow efficiency? Good question.

With link management software, you no longer need to assign an in-house marketing employee to analyze and track the success of your prospects. This is a significant task that is time-consuming and inefficient. 

Instead, link management software allows your marketing team(s) to monitor and measure your customer journey touchpoints efficiently.  

Urlmonks has been built with multiple teams in mind. With our link management software, you can create dedicated workplaces and work together on your link campaigns. 

Urlmonks - Brand management with link management

Brand and Manage Multiple Domains

It’s essential to put your brand on your links by using a custom domain name. This is what is referred to as “vanity URLs.” A vanity URL is a unique custom link created to be more memorable and accessible for customers to access and engage with. 

Vanity URLs are primarily used by businesses who want their marketing campaign URLs to create a strong impression. The URL is an embedded link that, once clicked, redirects the customer to a longer URL. 

A vanity URL comprises three sections:

  1. Branded short domain
  2. Top-level domain (TLD)
  3. Keyword (URL slug)

For example, if you want new customers to check out your latest newsletter, you may use something like “business name.news/latestscoop.” 

When the customer clicks on the link, they will be taken to a longer URL like “www.businessname.com/news/latest-newsletter-for-subscribers/may-edition.”

As you can see, lengthy URLs are unappealing, forgettable, and often annoying to look at. A link management tool allows you to customize and manage as many branded links as possible. 

Better Organization 

Having all your links stored together on one database makes it easier to organize them. Link management software allows larger businesses to be organized into different workspaces and access different domain names according to their departments and locations. 

For example, you can organize multiple teams and give the team members access to different domains with different roles. This is ideal for businesses with offices located in different parts of the world. 

Better yet, employees can see each other’s links and share them from within the dashboard. This will work to prevent your marketing team from creating several links to one blog post. 

You can even keep your links organized by tagging them, making it easier for you and your marketing team to sort through. You can also use color-coded tags to help your team identify which links are part of which campaign. 

Improved Collaboration

Better organization leads to improved collaboration. According to Go Remotely, roughly 75% of employees consider collaboration and teamwork necessary in the workplace. Unfortunately, 83% of U.S. employees want to quit their jobs due to poor communication and teamwork. 

Collaboration in the workplace improves how your team works together and solves problems. This leads to more innovation, efficiency, and better communication. 

A link management platform contributes to improved collaboration as every team member is delegated their responsibilities. 

Lets You Easily Add Link Details

Aside from keeping track of your links, most link management platforms let you include more details to your link. For example, you can update the status of your link, update your anchor text, and alter or move an outdated link to the archives. 

A “dead” status means the link is no longer useable or that your host was not found. At the same time, “live” links mean that you still access it from the host site. 

Being able to add details like the above improves communication within your team. Better yet, it saves you the hassle of having to browse through all the links you have to find the one you want. 

Customize Links

Did you know branded links can improve your site’s search engine rankings?

Yes, it’s true. While it won’t happen immediately, eventually, your links will increase the SEO ranking of your brand (as long as they’re frequently clicked). 

But it’s not the only benefit! Branded links benefit your business in several ways, including, but not limited to: 

  • Build credibility and trust 
  • Sharable and recognizable URLs
  • Branded links improve the CTR 
  • Show your customers where you’re sending them
  • It can be used on offline marketing promotions 
  • Increased brand visibility 

With so many generic links on the internet, branded links stand out. It has an air of credibility that a generic URL can’t match. They’re easy to understand, and it makes a promise to your customer that the link leads to your site. 

What’s more, branded links are easier to share and are neater and more aesthetically pleasing. This is ideal when used in social media posts, as many sites – Amazon, New York Times, and LinkedIn – shorten their links to make them more attractive. 

However, social media isn’t the only place for branded links. You can use branded links on your website to point to a specific page on your site to help your customer navigate with ease.

Urlmonks - measure growth with link branding

Measure Growth

By using UTM parameters, you can accurately measure your link data from every customer touchpoint. The more information you gather, the better you can track, analyze and optimize your marketing campaigns. 

UTM parameters: 

  • Keep your data organized 
  • Provide precise data about conversion and traffic sources
  • Allow you to test individual blog posts 
  • Help identify underperforming campaigns 

Because UTM parameters help identify what campaigns are excelling and what aren’t, you can push more of your budget toward the ones that are working and less towards those that aren’t. 

It’s worth adding UTM parameters to your marketing campaigns. Finding out what campaigns are bringing more traffic and what link they clicked helps you better understand your customers.

As a result, the more you understand them, the easier it will be to provide services or products that solve their issues. 

Safety and Control

With branded customized links, you’re in complete control of the safety and security of those links. When you create a link with a third-party domain, the safety and control of your link(s) are in the hands of the owner, not you. 

Unfortunately, this is scary territory. Firstly, you cannot edit or manage your links once you create them. Secondly, if other people create links with illegitimate content through the same domain, your links are subject to getting blacklisted. 

To avoid this, create your domain name through a link management system like Urlmonks. 

Track and Build Strategies

Link management software helps you understand how your links are working. It lets you monitor links, track conversions, and look into the analytics of your links. 

Most link management platforms help you track: 

  • Click-through rate (CTR) 
  • Platforms 
  • Devices and browsers
  • Referrers 
  • Countries, cities, and languages 
  • Conversion rates 

It’s excellent if your links are gaining traffic to your site, but are they ending in conversions? Just because someone clicks “Buy Now,” it doesn’t always mean it ends with purchasing your product. Many people add products to their carts but leave before finalizing the order. 

To accurately measure your conversion rates, you will need to set up retargeting pixels at the “Thank You For Your Order” webpage. That way, you can measure the number of conversions who have successfully gone through with the purchase. 

You can also use UTM codes to track digital campaigns. UTM codes are tags that are added to the end of an URL. They help you track: 

  • Source of the campaign 
  • Campaign medium
  • Campaign name
  • Content 

UTM codes allow you to organize your campaigns to track the effectiveness of your marketing effort. You can generate UTM codes by using a UTM builder.

It is a tool that adds custom campaign parameters to your URL to help you keep track of your marketing campaigns. Urlmonks’s UTM builder allows you to easily add UTM parameters to the end of all links that send traffic to your website. 

Helps Protect Your Brand

Don’t worry; sending out a link to the wrong destination is something everyone has done once in their working lives. It’s more common than you think. 

But when you have a link management tool like Urlmonks, you don’t have to feel your stomach drop when you realize you emailed a broken link. Link management is all about controlling each step, including destination landing editing. 

With the ability to edit or delete your links, you can fix the embarrassing human errors or update your links to provide relevant and up-to-date information. 

You also want to protect your brand. You can edit or delete a destination URL to save your brand from a potential PR crisis.

For example, if your team sends out a press release that is received negatively, you can take back control of your links by deleting them entirely or updating them to lead customers to relevant content. 

Legally speaking, link management also ensures your brand’s protection if your business shares something problematic. 

How to Leverage a Link Management Platform

Integrating link management into your business allows you to optimize your links, drive traffic to your site, and improve customer experience. 

At Urlmonks, we provide a complete link management platform that gives you the tools to create and manage powerful links. Here are just some ways you can leverage a link management platform for your business. 

Branded Links

When people visit your site through a branded link, they’ll see the shortened URL rather than the full URL. By driving people to specific sections of your site, you can track the most popular site areas. 

There are a few ways you can create branded links. One of the easiest (and most used) options is through a link management tool.

Link management software provides link shortening and customization services to help your business become more visible and increase the trust and reliability of your brand. 

For example, someone may be hesitant to go to a site URL like “infihwoqphfoiq.to,” but can feel safe knowing that “urlmonks.com/why-you-need-link-management” will take them to a legitimate site. 

If you don’t own or control the domain name, you can still create a custom URL that includes your company’s branding. For example, if your company name is “Really Great Company,” you could make the following link: “urlmonks.com/reallygreatcompany.” 

Remember that owning your domain gives you an instant credibility boost and, more importantly, control over your link data. Don’t get caught out with URL shorteners like Bitly that are public and can be accessed by anyone, with less secure linking sharing. 

When it comes to creating unique branded links, ensure you: 

  • Draw inspiration from your brand
  • Provoke an emotional response 
  • Make it super short 
  • Share links to interesting content
  • Use keywords 

And be sure to track the results of your branding efforts. You’ll notice your branded links receive more click-throughs than generic short URLs. 

Offline Campaigns

An effective way to connect offline and online media is through QR codes. This is a successful marketing strategy for businesses looking to direct customers from traditional marketing to an online experience.

You can create branded, short custom links like QR codes in billboards, magazines, television, restaurant menus, products, and more. QR codes can be placed almost anywhere with high traffic. 

Smartphones can scan QR codes to take the customer to your website directly. You can make the most out of your QR codes by investing in software that provides real-time data on where the scanners are based, what operating systems they use, and the saved dates.  

Given 83% of the world’s population own a smartphone, you can rest assured that customers will engage with your QR codes. 

High Volume Messaging

Managing a large number of links can be challenging, if not impossible. One of the main concerns about managing that many links are security and safety. 

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or content manager, finding a way to manage thousands to millions of links will save you time and give you peace of mind.

Link management software can provide you with safe and secure tools to personalize, share and track your links while capturing real-time data with every single click. 

Customer Service

Customer service is key to the success of your business. You can cultivate a loyal following that generates more marketing and sales opportunities by providing top-notch customer service. 

You can leverage link management software to help you quickly communicate and resolve customer complaints. 

Internal Communications 

When you create custom short links with Urlmonks, you reinforce your brand with internal communication methods you can track. 

Companies can create branded short links with Urlmonks to optimize their communication strategies at every stage of their growth. In fact, Urlmonks has been built with teams in mind. 

With our link management software, you can create dedicated workspaces and work together on your link campaigns. 

Urlmonks - powerful link management platform for everyone

Why Choose Urlmonks?

Did you know links are one of the major factors search engines use to determine rankings? 

In other words, links matter. 

Without them, customers won’t know how to use your site, and search engines won’t know how to recommend it. Your brand will never see the light of day. 

Link management platforms let you know which of your marketing campaigns are paying off and the ones that aren’t doing that well. How do you know where to funnel your efforts without a link management tool? 

That’s where Urlmonks comes in. 

Urlmonks is the ultimate link management software with custom domains, retargeting pixels, link retargeting, UTM builder, and workspaces for your teams. 

There’s no doubt that your business is better with us. 

With Urlmonks, you can track and analyze the entire customer journey of purchasing your product or service. From point A to point B, you can identify what marketing strategies work and what don’t. 

Building your brand is a tricky business. It can be challenging to know which one will work for you with so many marketing strategies to choose from. That’s why we provide support from the get-go. 

And with a name like Urlmonks, why wouldn’t you choose our services? 

Need Link Management? Urlmonks Has You Covered

If you want to manage a successful, long-term SEO strategy, link building cannot be ignored. You can’t deny the effectiveness of high-quality links in building your brand and establishing your business as an authority in your niche. 

But without a link management tool, you may never know if your links are significant or not. Thankfully, Urlmonks has you covered. Our affordable link management platform software allows you to create custom links with your domain.

With tools like the UTM Builder, link overlays, and link rotation, you can be assured that you are getting the best tools to boost your conversion rates. And don’t worry, we’re here to support you at every step of the way. 

Link management makes sense in today’s fast-paced digital marketing environment. Don’t be behind the eight-ball; use Urlmonks’s advanced link management tool to make your branded links successful. 

Get started for free today. 

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